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wack schedule..... [01 Sep 2005|11:40am]
1- Photography - Alter
2- Math - Henry
3- English - Burns
4- Chem - Singh
5- Gym - Saint-victor
6- Health - Stone
7- Lunch
8- Us - Hains
9- Criminal Law - Gavigan

I want to Change it again...but i doubt thatll happen so watever! lol Please tell me if you have classes with me...
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[01 Mar 2005|10:51pm]
[ mood | tired ]

:x: Name = Sydney
:x: Piercings = 2
:x: Tattoos = 0
:x: Height = 5'3 ish
:x: Shoe Size = 6 1/2 7
:x: Hair Color = brown
:x: Eye Color = blue
:x: Length = uhhhh...just below shoulders???
:x: Siblings = 1 older brother

:x: Movie You Rented = notebook
:x: Movie You Bought = uhhh..?
:x: Song You Listened To = bohemian rhapsody
:x: Song That Was Stuck In Your Head = bohemian rhapsody
:x: Person You've Called = dani
:x: Person That's Called You = dani
:x: TV Show You've Watched = Gilmore Girls
:x: Person You Were Thinking Of = Him

:x: You Have A BF Or GF = no
:x: You Have A Crush On Someone = yes
:x: You Wish You Could Live Somewhere Else = Yea...i like it here to though
:x: You Think About Suicide = no
:x: You Believe In Online Dating = no
:x: Others Find You Attractive = i dont know
:x: You Want More Piercings = yup
:x: You Do Drugs = no
:x: You Smoke = no
:x: You Like Cleaning = not really
:x: You Like Roller Coasters = yea
:x: You Write In Cursive or Print = print
:x: You Carry A Donor Card = huh....i guess not

:x: Long Distance Relationships = doesnt really matter
:x: Using Someone = against
:x: Killing People = against
:x: Teenage Smoking = i dont do it, but if they want to alright
:x: Doing Drugs = against
:x: Premarital Sex = doesnt matter
:x: Driving Drunk = against
:x: Gay/Lesbian Relationships = for
:x: Soap Operas = for...though i dont watch any

:x: Food = breaded chicken, ramen noodles
:x: Song = bohemian rhapsody
:x: Thing To Do = shop
:x: Thing To Talk About = anything
:x: Sports = cheerleading
:x: Drinks = ice tea
:x: Clothes = anything cute
:x: Movies =good will hunting, notebook, happy gilmore,any chessie love story
:x: Band/Singer = Queen, John mayer
:x: Holiday = Christmas
:x: Cars = The box looking mercedes...i dont know why i love it

:x: Ever Cried Over A Girl = yeah
:x: Ever Been In A Fist Fight = no
:x: Ever Been Arrested = no

:x: Shampoo Do You Use = Pantene Pro V {not sure if i spelt that right}
:x: Perfume Do You Use = tommy hilfiger, or this other one
:x: Shoes Do You Wear = my clogs
:x: Are You Scared Of = spiders, white vans lol, heights, etc...

:x: Of Times I Have Been In Love = i guess none
:x: Of Times I Have Had My Heart Broken = 1
:x: Of Hearts I Have Broken = none
:x: Of Continents I Have Lived On = 1
:x: Of Drugs Taken Illegally = none
:x: Of People I Would Classify As Friends = alot
:x: Of People I Consider My Enemies = no one
:x: Of Times My Name Has Appeared In The Newspaper = none
:x: Of Scars On My Body = none
:x: Of Things In My Past That I Regret = a couple things...dont know the #

:x: Disney Movie = Aladdin
:x: Scent = certain colognes, summer, flowers, etc.
:x: Word = preprandiallibation
:x: Nickname = sydzanee
:x: Guy Name = austin
:x: Girl Name = madison
:x: Eye Color = blue
:x: Flower = daisy, tulip
:x: Piercing = ear, belly button...i dont know
:x: Actor = Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt
:x: Actress = Angelina Jolie

:x: Pretty = i dunno
:x: Funny = sometimes
:x: Hot = uhh...
:x: Friendly = yea
:x: Amusing = i guess
:x: Ugly = sometimes
:x: Loveable = i guess
:x: Pessimistic = sometimes
:x: Optimistic = sometimes
:x: Caring = yea
:x: Sweet = yea
:x: Dorky = yea

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[13 Oct 2004|06:16pm]
[ mood | blah ]

October 12, 1998

Listen to the mustn'ts, child.
Listen to the don'ts.
Listen to the shouldn'ts,
The impossibles, the won'ts.
Listen to the never haves,
Then listen close to me ...
Anything can happen, child.
Anything can be.

~ Shel Silverstein

Six years ago today, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual.

What will you do to end the silence?

Click here to post this on your own page or weblog
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Copying this from Izzy! [11 Sep 2004|05:37pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Comment and say anything....doesnt matter wat its about. You can say anything just say something! and u can remain anonymous if u wish! doesnt matter to me :)

yea im BOREDDD!!!!!

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